Q-Mail Administration

Add new Alias

Creating Alias
(Do not create a new email account for this function)

1. Click on "Add New Alias" from the main menu

add alias

2. Choose the "E-mail Account" that mail should be delivered to.

3. Type in the "Alias" to use.

4. Press the "Add" button.

Creating Forward

1. Click on "New Forwards" from the main menu.

2. Type in the full "E-Mail Address" to have the mail sent to.

3. Type in the local alias name to use, this will become the user part of user@yourdomain.com.

Add forward

4. Press the "Add" Button

Deleting Alias Or Forward

1. Go into aliases and forwards from the main menu.

2. Press the delete button on the Alias or Forward to delete.

Forward Accounts

3. Press the "Confirm Delete" button.

delete forwards