Q-Mail Administration


Email Accounts

1. Go into the E-Mail Accounts section from the Main Menu.

Email Accounts

Creating Mailbox

1. Press the "Create E-Mail Account" button.

2. Type in the "Pop Account" name. This will become the "you" in you@yourname.com

3. Type in the "password" to use and confirm in the "Password (again)."

4. Type in the "Real Name" of the account for reference purposes

Add Email

5. You can also as this time subscribe the user to any distribution list that you have already created be clinking in the subscribe user box next to the list.

6. Press the add button to accept the addition or main menu to cancel.

Changing Password/Account Settings

1. Press the "Modify User" button for the user.

2. Change the required setting for the user. This can be anything from a password change to placing someone on vacation status or temporarily forwarding their mail.

Modify User

4. Press the "Modify User" button to accept the changes.

Delete Account
(This will cause you to loose all mail not retreive from this account)

1. If you are sure, press the "Delete Account" button for the user.

2. If you want to forward any mail yet to be received you can select the forward mail.

3. Enter the full e-mail address for the mail to be forwarded.

4. Press the "Confirm Delete" button.

Delete User

Setting Catch All

You have the option to have any mail not matching an account you have setup sent to your domain placed in an account of your choosing. This is an optional setting that is not required. If mail sent to your domain doesn't match any of the addresses you create it will be placed in CatchAll account instead of being returned to the sender.

1. Press the "CatchAll Account" button for the account you wish to set it to.

2. The screen should now change so that it says "default" in that section on that account.

Setting Up E-Mail Client

Setup for e-mail clients varies depending on the type of client. For detailed setup instruction based on your client refer to our Internet Setup Guides.