Windows NT Modem & E-mail Setup
  1. Double click on My Computer
  2. Double click on Control Panel
  3. Double click on Network Services
  4. If Remote Access Service (RAS) is not installed, press Add and then double-click on Remote Access Services-RAS should now be in the list of installed services
  5. Double click on Remote Access Service. If no modems are listed, press Add and then select your modem from the drop down list
  6. Click once on your modem to select it
  7. Click the Configure button
  8. Select Dial Out only and press OK
  9. Double click on Network
  10. For outgoing calls, make sure that you have TCP/IP enabled, and then press OK
  11. Click the Continue button.
  12. Click the Close button. At this point, you will be prompted to Restart your Computer. If so, select YES to reboot.
  13. After your computer comes back up double click on My Computer, then double click on Dial Up Networking.
  14. If there are no phonebook entries, then press OK when prompted, otherwise press New to add a new entry.
  15. In the Entry name, type "PCINW".
  16. Enter one of the following telephone numbers from POP Locations and Numbers.
  17. Click on Server. The Dial-Up Server Type should be PPP. TCP/IP should be checked. IPX/SPX and NetBEUI should be unchecked. Enable software compression and PPP LCP Extensions should be ON.
  18. Find Script and set to None. Find Security and set it to Accept any authentication including clear text. Find X.25 and set it to None. Now click the OK button.
  19. Now double click on Dial
  20. Enter your username in lowercase. eg. bobroony
  21. Enter your password (case sensitive): eg: actor
  22. Make sure the domain field is blank
  23. Click the OK button.
  24. Open IE or Netscape to "Browse the internet
Congratulations!!! If you come this far without any trouble then you're done. Otherwise call PCINW at: (541)-242-0808 or 1-800-787-3806 for technical support. Also you can send e-mail with your questions to Please include your phone number.