1. What is a Liberty Line™?
2. How much does the service cost?
3. How much is the tax?
4. Can I keep my existing phone number?
5. Will I be charged for local calls?
6. Can I have multiple phone numbers that ring on my Liberty Line™?
7. How much does the long distance service cost?
8. What are the payment terms?
9. What do I need to use Liberty Line™?
10. Do I have to buy a new phone in order to use the service?
11. What features are included with the Liberty Line™?
12. What is needed to order a Liberty Line™?

1. PCI Liberty Line™ is a hosted VOIP phone service for Business and Residential customers with up to 4 lines. Hosted means your phone becomes an extension off of our system, so PCI provides the telephone service features.
The Liberty Line™ phone line connects your incoming and outgoing calls using your Internet connection, rather than traditional analog copper wire type phone service from the phone company.

2. PCI Liberty Line™ cost is $24.95 Month and a $25.00 installation cost.

3. Universal Service Fund tax is $2.50 per month, per line and 911 subscriptions are $1.50 per month.

4. Yes, portability of existing phone number(s) is available in most areas. New telephone numbers are available from PCI.

5. No, unlimited local calling is included with the service.

6. Yes, Liberty Line™ includes one telephone number. Additional telephone numbers or DID numbers, tied to a Liberty Line™ are $2.00 month. Only one number can be on an active call at a time. Additional voicemail boxes are $5.00 month.

7. Liberty Line™ includes 1500 minutes of domestic long distance calls per month. Domestic long distance calls include calls to the continental US except for Hawaii and Alaska. Cost for Alaska 15 cents per minute and Hawaii is 5 cents per minute.
Domestic long distance calls over 1500 minutes are billed at 3.5 cents per minute. International long distance calls are billed per the PCI International Rate Schedule.
Call for the rate to specific countries.
Calls are billed in 6 second increments, with an 18 second minimum

8. Payment is by credit card or check. Prepayment of installation and first month’s service fee is required.

9. Making and receiving calls on a Liberty Line™ requires a high speed internet connection and an Internet compatible phone or analog phone adapter.

10. No, with an analog adapter an existing analog phone will work on the Liberty Line™. PCI offers preprogrammed phones and adapters or customers can purchase and program their own IP phones or adapters.
A Linksys analog adapter supports one or two analog phones, so you can use the phones you already have. PCI cost is $70.00 plus shipping
A Grandstream 2000 IP phone is designed for use on a hosted VOIP service, such as Liberty Line™.
A Soft phone is available for download and resides on your computer.

11. Voice Mail including wave file to email and text message notification
Caller ID name and number
Call waiting
Call transfer
Call forwarding
3 way conference calling
Directory Listings
911 Subscriptions
Tech support
Call detail
Emailed billing

12. Completed VOIP and Listings Agreement (at pcinw.com)
Prepayment of Installation Fee and first month of service

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