PCINW Data Hardware

  Products and Services


PCINW is your communications partner for designing and maintaining your Local Area Network and Wide Area Network.  We can assist you with choosing data hardware and a network design that will best support your network. 


Our experienced data engineers offer:

*      Software programming

*      Network security

*      Data protection

*      Network monitoring

*      Troubleshooting network problems

*      Consulting

*      Phone support

*      Bench support

*      On site support

*      Cabling 


We sell new and used:

*      Routers

*      Switches-managed and unmanaged

*      Servers

*      Firewalls

*      CSU/DSU’S

*      VPN Solutions

*      VOIP Solutions

*      PCINW TROOPER Network Monitoring Tool


*      PCINW SKY TROOPER for wireless connectivity



Call us for a free consultation or quote.  1-866-866-4724