QMail Admin

QmailAdmin is the mail administration application for domains hosted on our network. This utility will help you set up auto-responders (mail robots), e-mail accounts, aliases, forwards and mailing lists for your domain.


Mail Robots: Mail Robots are auto-responders they reply to every e-mail sent to them with a predetermined message created by you. For example users who send E-mail to support@pcinw.com will receive and message back saying that we received their message and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

E-Mail Accounts: Are the actual mailboxes hosted though your domain that receive E-mail and can be checked with any POP type mail program (For example Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger.)

Aliases: Are alternate names that mail can be sent to on your domain. Mail sent to these are then place in one of your POP Accounts hosted though your domain. For example you can have mail sent to sales@yourname.com delivered to you@yourname.com.

Forwards: Are like an alias but mail is delivered to an e-mail account external to your domain. For example you can have e-mail sent to you@yourname.com delivered to you@presys.com.

Mailing Lists: Mail sent to a mailing list is then delivered to multiple mailboxes. For example you can have mail that was sent to list@yourname.com delivered to you@yourname.com and you@pcinw.com. These lists can be administered by you through QMail Admin or by e-mail from the subscriber if that option is selected.


To Get Started Click on each step:


1)     Logging into Qmail Administration

2)     Mailboxes

3)     Aliases & Forwards

4)     Mailing List

5)     Mail Robots